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Our Story

At one point in our careers, we both found ourselves working for big, multinational food and beverage companies in their “fun food” divisions. Andrew in candy bars and Brad in fizzy fruit drinks. We loved working on products that delivered a lot of joy (the sugar part… not so much).

Then our friend, Dave, went on a strict keto diet for health reasons, and it helped him. Big time.

But there was a problem.


He loved desserts but couldn’t find any that aligned with his keto diet. And he wasn’t the only one. We started to realize that lots of our keto friends were in the same boat.

And as we became dedicated to eating consciously and thoughtfully ourselves, we realized we weren’t eating joyfully.

We started experimenting in our kitchens. Hundreds of recipes, dozens of keto-friendly ingredients. Lots of misfires, lots that were good but not good enough. We brought in pastry chefs and keto experts. Cocoa powder and avocado oil invaded our dreams. And then finally…

We had it.

A brownie. And we loved it.

Rich, delicious, satisfying. Joyful. And only 3 net carbs.

Our friends loved it too, and we couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

We hope you enjoy.


Brad and Andrew

You can read more about Brad and Andrew's journey launching Salivation Snackfoods and their advice for other entrepreneurs here.

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